Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Students With Their Instructors

Private pilot student Jeon Won (left) Tucker (middle) private pilot student Seung Kyun (right)

Jared with instrument student Taewook

Chris with private pilot student Janghwan

Aubrey with private pilot student Yoon Sik

First Solo's!

All was glorious — a cloudless sky above, a most delicious view around. . . . How great is our good fortune! I care not what may be the condition of the earth; it is the sky that is for me now.
— Prof. Jacques Alexandre Cesare Charles, first free flight in a manned hydrogen balloon, 1 December 1783.

Student Yoon Sik with Instructor Aubrie

Instructor Scott with Eunchoul

Janghwan with instructor Chris

Hadona with instructor Britney

Instructor Brian with Seulky

Yongwan with his Cessna 172SP

Sung Chul with Jong Yup

Instructor Scott with Taeyun

Westwinds Golf Outing

Golf with friends...priceless!

Jeong Yoon working on his follow throgh

Sunmin doing a great job keeping his head down!

Friday, August 28, 2009

View From the Cockpit

Cessna 172SP with G1000 cockpit

Yonghwan saying hello

Cessna 172SP

Yonghwan at the controls, with instructor Chris

Departing Deer Valley Airport

Cross country flight to Sedona!

Northern Arizona landscape

Flying over Lake Pleasant

Janghwan with instructor Chris and Yongwan in the backseat

Janghwan with his instructor Chris